2018 Longest Night

The Bancroft House invites the Greater Littleton community to spend the night of December twenty-first, the winter solstice, from 6 PM to 6AM the following morning camping out on the Dow Field in Franconia, NH as part of the 4th Annual Longest Night.  This event provides much needed financial support for the Bancroft House in its mission to provide shelter for the homeless in the North Country.

This year The Bancroft House has provided over 1800 “bed nights” to over thirty North Country residents and as winter approaches the need for the homeless to seek protection from the elements becomes even more urgent.  The fair weather option of camping or sleeping in trailers or cars becomes a dangerous and life-threatening choice.  The “Longest Night” will simulate for participants, the experience of being homeless for a night during this difficult season with friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members pausing to consider the experience of an acquaintance or loved one spending a cold winter night without shelter.

Last year over thirty hardy souls participated in “The Longest Night,” sharing a humble meal, gathering around warming bonfires, sharing conversations, and sleeping throughout the night in tents and cardboard appliance boxes.  Many promised to return this year, bringing friends and family in the hopes of making the event “even bigger and better”.

Seeking to heighten awareness among the community’s student population, a generous donor has sponsored an essay contest for the high school students of Lisbon, Littleton, and Profile.  Two-hundred dollar prizes will be awarded at the Longest Night event to a student from each school submitting the best essay on the to

pic of “Is homelessness an issue that society needs to address?”  Essays will be submitted to The Bancroft House board of directors by school personnel and judged for content and creativity.  Details can be obtained from English teachers or guidance counselors at the respective schools.

Individuals wishing to participate in the event can print out a registration and pledge form from the News & Events page at www.thebancrofthouse.com or make a donation in support of the event by clicking on the DONATE button found on the Home page.