The issue of homelessness in the North Country continues and in some ways is growing worse.

Affordable housing in the North Country is becoming an increasingly difficult commodity as rents increase and properties are purchased and transformed in to  extended stay rentals through on-line rental agents like AirBnB and VRBO.    Individuals living on the edge, on fixed incomes, and earning modest wages are struggling to remain in their homes.  A recent individual receiving government sponsored rent assistance reported that his landlord was increasing his rent from $381/month to  $841/month, effectively forcing him to find more affordable housing within thirty days.

The Bancroft House continues to respond to the growing need of the region by providing a sanctuary for those most in need.  Our funding depends almost completely on the generosity of those individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community who recognize the need and respond with donations of all kinds.

Local churches, food pantries, and farms provide much needed supplies to our kitchen’s pantry.  Our well-stocked pantry provides the ingredients for  preparing nutritious family-focused meals  at no cost to our residents.

Local residents down-sizing their homes, relocating out of the area, or upgrading their homes donate housewares, small appliances,  furniture, bedding, and other essential household items our residents need when setting up a new household but cannot afford.  We store these donations in our newly reconstructed barn and make them available without charge to people when they find housing.  We have an annual yard sale of excess donated items with the proceeds going to help cover our operating expenses.

The core of our support comes from individual, corporate, and organizational donors who financially support the Bancroft House through our spring and autumn appeals.  The amazing generousit of our community sustains the work of the Bancroft House in its service to those most in need.

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