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Offering shelter and support in times of crisis for children and mothers.

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Bancroft House – Providing Hope and Shelter for Women and Children

At The Bancroft House, we believe that every woman and child deserves a safe and supportive place to call home, no matter the challenges they may face. We are more than just a shelter; we are a beacon of hope for women in need.

We are a residential facility for women with children experiencing homelessness in New Hampshire, and we are dedicated to providing safe shelter and supportive services for women with children experiencing homelessness in New Hampshire. These families find a safe place to stay while they begin to get back on their feet.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple but profound: To provide a secure, temporary home for women, children, and families in need with compassion and respect for those we serve.

We are dedicated to creating a community where every woman can find comfort, security, and a path toward a brighter future. Our four-unit family-centered domicile has provided sanctuary to individuals and families in northern New Hampshire since 1982. Residents enjoy modestly furnished bedrooms with private bathrooms, community living, and dining areas with a fully stocked pantry for preparing healthy meals.

“God bless you for the work you do! Bancroft House became my home when I had none. Keep doing God’s work.”
- Anonymous

Our Services

Safe and Comfortable Shelter: The clients of The Bancroft House are provided a safe, comfortable, clean, and quiet atmosphere in which their spirits may be renewed. Clients are women and children of any age and families of any size who are temporarily homeless and seeking shelter.

Nutritious Meals: We believe in the healing power of good food. Our well-stocked larder gives our clients the necessary ingredients to create nutritious meals that nourish both the body and the soul.

Our Clients

About Bancroft HouseAll of the people who stay with us are most often referred by one of the many social service agencies that work with those in need of assistance:

  • Department of Children & Youth Services
  • Community Action Programs
  • Homeless Outreach Programs
  • Town Welfare Departments
  • Regional Churches
  • Area Police Departments

Our Location

The shelter is located within convenient walking distance to shops and to the post office. All guest rooms are on the ground level and are easily accessible. Amenities include full bathrooms for each room, a living room, a laundry room, a private backyard, a fully stocked pantry, and a communal kitchen. We operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our Guidelines

The Bancroft House does not provide professional counseling or therapy services, however, our staff is trained to facilitate referrals to appropriate caregivers. Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and weapons of any kind are not permitted on the premises.

Our History

The Bancroft House was incorporated in 1982 as “The Sanctuary.” It was originally affiliated with the Franconia Community Church of Christ. As members of the broader community participated in the project, The Sanctuary became independent of the church. With the approval of the church, the Board was reorganized to reflect its diverse participation. In 1985, more spacious facilities were acquired. The Sanctuary ended its formal affiliation with the church, changing its name to The Bancroft House.

The Bancroft House was named for the late Mrs. Evelyn Bancroft of Franconia, one of its original benefactors. It was founded by local people and has been sustained by the generosity of volunteers and private donors.

The Bancroft House was founded by local people and has been sustained through the generosity of volunteers and private donors since its founding in 1982. The Bancroft House retains its nonprofit tax-exempt status and depends on donations for all operations.

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Get Involved

We firmly believe that ending homelessness for women and children requires the collective effort of our community. Here are some ways you can get involved:


Your contributions make a significant impact. Your generous donations help us provide shelter, food, and services to the women we serve.


Join our dedicated team of volunteers who provide vital support to our residents. Your time and skills can make a real difference in the lives of these women.


Help us raise awareness about homelessness and the unique challenges faced by women. Advocate for policies and programs that address the root causes of homelessness.


Follow us on social media, share our stories, and help us build a compassionate and supportive community that cares about the welfare of homeless women.

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The issue of homelessness in the North Country continues and is growing worse.

Affordable housing in the North Country has become an increasingly difficult commodity as rents increase and properties are purchased and transformed into short-term and extended-stay rentals through online rental agents like AirBnB and VRBO.

Individuals living on the edge, on fixed incomes, and earning modest wages are struggling to remain in their homes, as are service industry workers and single parents. A recent individual receiving government-sponsored rent assistance reported that his landlord was increasing his rent from $381/month to $841/month, effectively forcing him to find more affordable housing within thirty days.

The Bancroft House continues to respond to the growing needs of the region by providing a sanctuary for those most in need. Our funding depends almost completely on the generosity of those individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community who recognize the need and respond with donations of all kinds.

Local churches, food pantries, and farms provide much-needed supplies to our kitchen’s pantry. Our well-stocked pantry provides the ingredients for preparing nutritious, family-focused meals at no cost to our residents.

Local residents downsizing their homes, relocating out of the area, or upgrading their homes donate housewares, small appliances, furniture, bedding, and other essential household items our residents need but cannot afford when setting up a new household. We store these donations in our newly reconstructed barn and make them available without charge to people when they secure housing. We have an annual yard sale of excess donated items, with the proceeds helping to cover our operating expenses.

The core of our support comes from individual, corporate, and organizational donors who financially support the Bancroft House through our spring and autumn appeals. The amazing generousit of our community sustains the work of the Bancroft House in its service to those most in need.

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Bancroft House Residential Facility for women with children experiencing homelessness

If you or someone you know is in need of shelter or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Bancroft House, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of homeless women and children, offering them hope, dignity, and a chance for a brighter future.

Join us in our mission to create a world where every family has a place to call home. Together, we can make a difference.

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