We need to DEMOLISH our barn and BUILD a new one!!!

Our circa 1850 carriage barn (The Barn) serves as storage space for in-kind donations of toiletries, household items, and other miscellanea that are available to residents who often lack the household basics when transitioning to permanent housing.  The barn is structurally unsound, not “critter proof”, and does not allow for the effective display and distribution of donated items as most inventory remains stored in boxes and totes.  Donations of linens, towels, and clothing cannot be accepted as they would quickly become bedding material for wildlife.

When clients come to Bancroft House, they typically have few material possessions. During their stay in our shelter, their priorities include finding appropriate permanent housing and saving money for a deposit and rent.

One of the major forms of community support we receive is donated furniture, household equipment and bedding, essential items our clients need when setting up a new household but cannot afford. We store these donations in the barn and make them available without charge to people when they find housing. We have an annual yard sale of excess donated items, the proceeds of which go to our operating expenses. Rebuilding the barn will make our efforts more effective.

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